C14 dating dinosaurs

C14 dating dinosaurs

C14 dating dinosaurs

It all depends on what age determination method is used and what assumptions are made using the method. Please, keep helping us defend and proclaim the real history of c14 dating dinosaurs the Bible, on which the credibility of the Gospel itself depends. Dinosaur ages corrected BY carbon dating their bones.

You know in advance you cant get an age in the millions of years, due to the method. Somewhere in the Indian ocean is thought to be where the giant asteroid struck that produced this giant wave. The Chicxulub asteroid that hit in the Yucatan of Mexico was the equivalent of 100 trillion tons of TNT. An uncomplicated mind might conclude that the Intelligent Design movement is all about creationist propaganda for the uneducated and uninquisitive.

It says that an exceptionally large asteroid split the single continent and moved its pieces to where we see them today. The other more reasonable explanation is that these bones are not 195 million years old and that the method used to determine that 195 million year age is flawed. Since that is the case if in fact these dinosaurs died as a result of the asteroid hit at Chicxulub then the asteroid hit also only thousands of years ago! There are many other places in the world where human and dinosaur footprints have occured. Scientist for the last hundred years have been searching for a crator or remnants of space rock. It points out the imminent danger of another large meteorite or asteroid from outer space wiping out possibly whole civilizations. An Asteroid labled 2012-tc-4 will supposedly miss the earth by 4000 miles on October 12,13 of 2017.

If you understand the issues with radiocarbon dating, and De Pontcharra claims to, you know that background radiation can give you a positive result where little or no C14 is present. They will not allow others to date bones in their possession!

De Pontcharra and a colleague got hold of some dinosaur bones and decided to date them with C14. Jean De Pontcharra, a Phd in Physics, has a presentation for creationist conferences entitled Is Radiocarbon dating reliable? Of course the people you know will generally not get to hear this powerful information from regular sources. Our team published a paper in 2009. Thats a billion times more powerful than the A bombs dropped on Japan in World War.

Carbon-14 dating dinosaur bones - new geology

See man as old as coal radio broadcasts nbsptalk radio nbsptalk radio nbsptalk radio nbspblog site. Consider an asteroid YU55 which came near the earth in 2011. A few years ago scientists worldwide agreed that no organic material could ever survive beyond thousands of years.

What is the point of dating a fossil with only C14? We challenge the museums of the world to carbon date their dinosaur bones and prove us wrong.

In support of this paradigm is the alleged evidence that dinosaurs became extinct sixty-five million years before humans allegedly evolved from a common ancestor with chimpanzees. Our research at the paleo group shows that the age determing method is in error. Cat-scans can also show cross sections of a foot impression and reveal the difference in density at different points along the footprint impression. Indeed, that is consistently c14 dating dinosaurs what one obtains from specimens of oil, gas and fossil wood from layers allegedly millions of years old. So why did Pontcharra do what he did? All gave dates ranging from 22,000 to 39,000 years, right in the ballpark predicted by creationists.

C14 Dating of Dinosaur Bones The Skeptical Zone

See reference 3 below for a taylor swift secretly dating harry styles thorough explanation. Unwilling to challenge the data openly, they erased the report from public view without a word to the authors or even to the aogs officers, until after an investigation.

Carbon-14 dating dinosaur bones carbon dated dinosaur fossils date c-14 dinosaur fossil bones by c14 dinosaur bones fossils Researchers have found a reason for the puzzling survival of soft tissue and collagen in dinosaur bones - the bones are younger than anyone ever guessed. So far no one has taken the challenge.

Why has this been reported in various places on taylor swift secretly dating harry styles the web as evidence of a young Earth? This was a joint event of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (aogs). We will even provide the funds. The video of his presentation was up on at the time of writing this report. National Geographic reports that scientist Dallas Abbott from Columbia University has been gathering data and announcing for the past ten years that a giant tsunami deposited taylor swift secretly dating harry styles ocean floor sediment on Madigascar. This in fact has been found, but almost no one know this.

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