Quotes about dating a mechanic

Quotes about dating a mechanic

Quotes about dating a mechanic

We now have two darling children, and Jimmy is a terrific father. Box 11562, Chicago, Ill.

Assuming the mechanic asking you out washes his hands frequently, theres no reason to miss out on a dinner for two with this tradesman. Lucky in average response time online dating New York, dear Lucky: You did a pretty good job of telling her. They dont throw out broken stuff; rather they see the potential in every piece. My mate is a truck mechanic.

Sure, his hands might be greasy. Seattle Seahawks by, jani Schurgot Wahlers Linton. Mechanics are persistent and insist on getting the job done right. Bruce Lee,"s,"s,"s, Motivation, Dating, Determination, Motivation Wall, find this Pin and more. Before I married "Jimmy I dated several men in law school and medical school and some well-established business types. How can you help yourself or someone you love? They also work well with pressure literally.

Here are 15 reasons to date a mechanic :. Mechanics understand safety protocol and the need for adequate protection. Please keep reading for more: Dear Ann: Bravo for your snappy response about "those people who look down their noses" at the professional woman's auto-mechanic boyfriend.

They know how to clean up well. He went on to Harvard Law and made Law Review. I couldn't be more proud of him.


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But when celebrities, dated, trailers and"s gift: i am an attorney and sayings -. In addition to his talents, I'll bet he's a lot more fun to be around. My husband is an auto mechanic. Mechanics care about quality, double-checking their work.

Dear Debra: I know what you mean. Here's one more from a different perspective: Dear Ann Landers: My son is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from Yale. Wyoming, dear Wyoming: Well said. Youll have the opportunity to make inappropriate jokes about performance. He is also the handiest guy around. He has more integrity and a higher work ethic than all the over-educated swiss dating site in english backstabbers in this office put together. He can fix absolutely anything and has saved me a small fortune in repair and remodeling work.

Feeling stuck or the inside scoop on the job or the first sharpen his tools. Diesel mechanics have bigger tools than the auto mechanic! 10) Doesnt mind awkward positions 9) Trained to do it right the first time 8) Always wears protective clothing 7) Enjoys doing it in the open 6) Knows what lubrication is all about 5) Great hands 4) Never minds getting dirty 3) Our engines last. Your date enhances the lives of others, helping them get to where they need.

That was six years ago. Mechanics are good with their hands.

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Your car will run smoothly approximately forever. Debra in Lake Park, Fla.

Browse our collection of dating a partner in brazil. Here's another sorority sister singing your song: Dear Ann Landers: I have been married to an automotive service technician for 23 years. Inspiration motivation by, swave.

Mechanics spend their days covered in grease. Why else should one consider dating a mechanic? I chose Jimmy because he was the most considerate, the sweetest and by far the most interesting christian dating website south africa of the lot. Technicians today must deal with the ever-increasing complexity of computer-driven systems and be wind-tunnel experts. Mechanics are up for a challenge, always looking for an opportunity to improve a design. I've slingbox solo hookup had a great deal more education than he has, but quote for dating site this man of mine stands head christian dating website south africa and shoulders above the white-collar men I work with.

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